Our Story

It started with a dream and a desire for diverse, creative content.

When it comes to the rapidly growing world of podcasting,
we need creators and curators.

Annie F. Downs has been a podcast listener for over a decade and a podcast host since 2014. Publishing That Sounds Fun episodes twice a week, and a few unique series every year, Annie has built a loyal and active podcast listening audience. Spending all these years creating a top – rated podcast across all platforms, hosting other shows, and being interviewed hundreds of times on podcasts, Annie also has grown a keen eye and ear to curate the kinds of content and shows that her listeners, and the friends and family of her listeners, love to hear.

Annie’s friendship with podcast hosts and knowledge of the space meets its perfect match in the business and marketing expertise of Kelli Cashiola Haywood. A 13-year veteran of the music industry, Haywood contributed to the successful promotion, marketing, and management of artists like Blake Shelton, The Wreckers, Kelly Clarkson, and Reba McEntire through her work at Warner Music Nashville and the Starstruck Management Group. Her more recent endeavors include founding her own management company, KCH Entertainment.

Together, Downs and Haywood’s experience and expertise in the podcasting and entertainment industries perfectly positioned them to launch the That Sounds Fun Network in May of 2020. The That Sounds Fun Network is home to over 20 podcast shows (and counting!) spanning many categories – aimed to entertain, impact, bless and help.

Mission and vision

The That Sounds Fun Network is a collaborative community of podcasts creating purposeful and encouraging content inspired to leave the world better than we found it. We seek to enhance lives through engaging and educational story-telling. As a leading voice in the podcast industry, we offer unique conversational topics through our faith-based hosts and diverse content.

Welcome to the
That Sounds Fun Network, our amusement park of podcasts.

Raising Boys & Girls
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Our Team

Meet the humans hard at work
behind the scenes.

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