How to Promote Your Podcast in 5 Simple Strategies for 2023

Growing your podcast listenership is the name of the game when it comes to success in the podcasting world. As the industry is continually evolving and changing, it’s critical to stay on top of the latest trends and strategies to make your podcast stand out among the crowd.

1. Create Compelling Content

As of January of 2023, there are over 5 million podcasts which means the competition is real for all those ear-balls (an affectionate term for listeners you hear in the podcasting world). If you want to grow your listenership and expertly promote your podcast, you’ll need to create captivating, quality content. So what does this look like?

  • Utilize your interviews to create conversations that are story-driven, engaging, and relatable to those listening. Story-telling is a powerful artform that podcasts get to really lean into.
  • Ensure the people who listen to your podcast know the next step to connect with you and move through your marketing funnel. AKA: A call to action or CTA. Whether that’s to rate, review, follow, purchase, etc.


2. Add Helpful Titles, Descriptions, & Show Notes

For people who are looking to jump into a podcast or episode, they may want to know a little bit about what they’re getting into! Having thoughtful and descriptive episode titles and descriptions will help encourage listeners, as well as a good boost to your SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Show notes are also useful to drive links, clicks, or need a helpful home to reference things talked about in the episode. Listing brands or paid partnerships within the show notes is a great tip too!

3. Produce a Trailer

Podcast trailers are a great, quick way to share with your audience what your show is about. Usually around 1-3 minutes, these are beneficial for building anticipation for your podcast and gives your listeners a quick way to learn about your podcast in an audible way. 

Picture it like a movie trailer. And as always, include a CTA for listeners to subscribe or follow your podcast so they don’t miss a drop!

4. Start (or Update) Your Website

If you haven’t by now, grab the domain of your podcast or likeness RIGHT NOW (and social media handles too for that matter!). Even if it’s a simple landing page website, having a solid foundation and a landing spot for those searching for your podcast with your branding is everrrrything! Having every link in one spot will help those looking to connect with you in each way possible.

For a good example, check out Annie F. Downs’ Let’s Read the Gospels landing page which has a simple layout, links to all social sites, podcast links, and other products associated with the podcast.

5. Launch a Newsletter

Lead generation is the chief goal for your newsletter: Conversions move from viewers to watchers and ultimately to listeners! Building a podcast is like building a following. People want to hear directly from you in a personalized way with valuable content and promos at their fingertips and newsletters are the way to do just that. This will create deeper connections with your current listeners and attract new ones too!

Having access to someone’s inbox is gold in the digital marketing world.

Outreach in the digital world can be vast and wide, but this is the perfect place to start. Using and reusing your content is key to ensuring anyone and everyone can see your message and respond to your CTA’s.

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