It’s Spooky Szn: Here’s the Top 5 Podcast Episodes That Are More TREAT Than Trick! 🍬

The leaves are falling, pumpkins are grinning, and there’s a distinct chill in the air. Yes, you guessed it—Halloween is here, and that means it’s officially Spooky Szn! To celebrate this time of the year, we’ve put together a list of the top 5 podcast episodes that are more TREAT than trick. Whether you’re into unearthing the supernatural, or simply enjoy a dash of FUN, our lineup has something for everyone. So, grab your favorite Halloween candy and let’s dive into these podcast episodes that are bound to make your spooky szn a little more enjoyable.

1. That Sounds Fun: Blurry Creatures with Nate Henry & Luke Rodgers

Annie’s friends, Nate Henry and Luke Rodgers, who are the hosts of the Blurry Creatures podcast, talk about how they started the podcast, their experience talking about blurry creatures and spiritual warfare, and about Jesus and the disciples talking about ghosts. Now listen, I know this may not be your thing, but we reallllly think you’ll find this episode interesting!

2. Coffee with Kailey: McKenna Lehman talks on holding desire and hope loosely in Singleness, and finding Jesus and her person

One of Kailey’s best friends, McKenna Lehman, joins Coffee with Kailey and shares about when she moved to Nashville years ago. Since, she’s moved back to Dallas, but we are all crossing our fingers that this new love you’re going to hear about might bring her back! It’s a treat FOR SURE!

3. We’re Going There: Jenna Kutcher on Living With Ease, Embracing New Beginnings and Living A Blended Life

Does it ever feel like you’re struggling to balance all the things in your life? Sometimes it can feel like there’s too much to do and not enough time. But there may be a way to live with more ease. In this podcast, Jenna Kutcher joins Bianca to talk about:

  • Embracing new beginnings
  • Life transitions and making changes
  • The importance of knowing what you do and don’t want
  • Learning to live with more ease


4. The Paula Faris Show: Whoopi Goldberg on Why We Got Along and HOW We Worked through Our Differences

From relying on welfare as a single mom, to juggling odd jobs, to being cast in ‘The Color Purple’ by Steven Speilberg, you don’t want to miss this episode! Whoopi balances career and personal needs, navigating social media, and finding joy in conversations.

  • Friendship, ideologies, and big breaks (00:05)
  • From Spook Show to Broadway (06:36)
  • Odd jobs, welfare, and motherhood (18:53)
  • Acting and reinventing yourself discussion (26:39)
  • Gratitude and support in life/career (30:26)


5. Havilah’s Podcast: Confronting the Devil

Havilah’s creepin’ it real over here in discussion in their final episode of their spiritual warfare series. With Halloween here, Havilah is talking about facing the devil and how much authority we have over him. Using strategies of confronting the devil from the safety of God’s covering.

There you have it—our top 5 podcast episodes for Spooky Szn. These episodes touch on topics of the supernatural, fun, and a multitude of TREATS. Happy Halloween and enjoy these treats, minus the tricks! 🎃👻