A Holiday Guide for Gifts That Sound Fun

Looking for some gift ideas that sound super fun?! We got you.

We’ve curated a list from our That Sounds Fun Network podcast hosts of their favorite things to help you check everyone off your Christmas list.

Check out our 2023 Holiday Gift Guide here.

*To purchase these products directly from the Gift Guide, simply click on the image below and navigate the PDF links directly from each product image.*


Also, if you’re looking for an organization to give end of year giving towards, our Network hosts have added some of their favorites too!

  1. We’re Going There | Grit Don’t Quit by Bianca Olthoff
  2. That Sounds Fun | Disco Ball Diffuser
  3. The Paula Faris Show | Goodr OG Sunglasses
  4. Live in Love | Love + One Crew Sweatshirt
  5. Coffee with Kailey | Insulated Glass Coffee Mug
  6. The Snack Show | Caraway Cookware Set
  7. The Just Different Podcast | Amazon Fire TV Stick
  8. Havilah’s Podcast | Created to Hear God by Havilah Cunnington
  9. The Best of You | Nutrisense Glucose Monitor
  10. Be the Bridge | Be the Bridge Academy
  11. Unexpected | Ariel Cross Necklace
  12. Raising Boys & Girls | Yeti Stackable Cup
  13. Human Hope | Goorin Bros. Trucker Hat
  14. Dadville | Eight Sleep Pod
  15. Wear We Are | Italian Citrus Eau De Parfume Spray