Celebrating International Women’s Day with TSF Network

March 8th is International Women’s Day and we are taking the week to fully celebrate. We are thrilled to celebrate the incredible achievements, voices, and stories of women around the world. At That Sounds Fun Network, we are proud to be led by women who are passionate about sharing diverse perspectives and empowering others through the power of podcasting.

In honor of this special day, we want to highlight six outstanding podcast episodes from our network, all hosted by phenomenal women who are making waves in the podcasting world.

1. Episode 35: Rebecca Gray on finding friendship in Jesus in one of the loneliest seasons of her life | Coffee with Kailey with Kailey Dickerson

This episode on Coffee with Kailey is all about friendship, and we know that gal pals run the world. Rebecca and Kailey became fast friends in college and love reminiscing on those memories. Rebecca talks on the podcast about becoming friends with Jesus in the loneliest season of her life. It’s super relatable and a really good listen.

2. How To Connect With Your Moody Teenage Daughter (with Sissy Goff & Caroline) | The Paula Faris Show

Sissy Goff from the Raising Boys and Girls Podcast and Caroline, Paula’s teenage daughter, join Paula to talk about what Sissy calls “the narcissistic years,” the anxiety our girls are carrying, the mother-daughter relationship dynamic, and practical advice and ideas for connecting and supporting our daughters.

3. Episode 89: When A Relationship Has to Change—How to Tolerate Discomfort, Face an Attachment Void, & Resource Yourself | The Best of You with Dr. Alison Cook

In this episode with Dr. Cook, we’re talking all about how to balance our need to hold on to others – and also the need to let go. It takes skill and self-compassion to navigate these seasons of wrestling for more health, more connection, or more freedom.

Here’s what’s covered:

  • Healthy & unhealthy attachments 
  • The 2 competing relationship needs everyone has 
  • Attachment voids
  • Practices to anchor yourself
  • The role of liminal figures

4. Episode 80: A New Name & A New Assignment | Unexpected with Hannah Love

Hannah does such a great job of bringing a fresh word and perspective to each of her podcasts, and this one is no different. She talks about how in the Bible, individuals are frequently renamed after an encounter with the Lord or when they are put on assignment – and what this means for us in current day. It’s always encouraging and it’s always fresh. 

5. Friendship & Poetry with Audrey Elledge and Elizabeth Moore – Episode 865 | That Sounds Fun with Annie F. Downs

Audrey and Elizabeth are authors of Liturgies for Hope and their brand new book Liturgies for Wholeness is just as beautiful. In this conversation with Annie, they talked all about the origin of their friendship, how they ended up in New York, and writing in communion with God. Annie always brings the fun, the real, and the encouragement to her conversations and this one is no exception.

6. Divine Guidance in the Workplace: Hearing God’s Voice in your Business and Marketing | Havilah’s Podcast with Havilah Cunnington

Havilah is a straight shooter and brings really practical applications and integrates spiritual practices to them. This episode is part two of her discussion with Daniel and Elles Maddry, the founders of Youth Pastor Co and Cards Christians Like. They’re continuing to talk about their experiences of integrating God’s voice and ideas in their marketing and businesses. It’s a vibrant conversation that you’re sure to enjoy!

On this International Women’s Day, we celebrate the hope, strength, and creativity of women everywhere. Join us in honoring the incredible women in your life and amplifying their voices as we continue to strive for equality and empowerment for all. Thank you for being a part of the That Sounds Fun Network community!

Happy listening, and happy International Women’s Day!