Everything You Need to Start Your Own Podcast in 2022

According to Statistica, there are over 100 million active podcast listeners in the U.S. with one-third of the population listening to podcasts on a regular basis. This form of content is rapidly becoming one of the most heralded forms of entertainment globally – not just in the U.S.

That said, more and more people are interested in learning the art of podcasting and what it looks like to start one of your own. We get it! Starting a podcast is super fun and can be rewarding – whether 10 people listen or 10 million. If you’re asking the question, “how do I start a podcast of my own?” you’ve come to the right place. We’ve got the top 5 things you need to know to start the podcast you’ve been dreaming about.

1. Strategize Your Niche and Plan Quality Content

Once you have your vision, it’s time to create some strategy behind what type of content you plan to put out there. For example, will you be interview focused, solely the hosts chatting with one another, or more of a monologue? Once your type of podcast is established, creating a content strategy is critical for the longevity and success of your podcast. Keep in mind, continually ideating, brainstorming, and staying relevant + timely are also key to creating a show that people will want to listen to.

2. Utilize Proper Podcast Equipment

Now that you’ve got your strategy down pat, it’s time to gather all the appropriate equipment for optimal audio quality. Read here for the top four things we can’t live without in our podcast studio here at That Sounds Fun Network. Beyond those things, you’ll without a doubt need a computer with audio recording and editing software (we have podcasters use anything from Garage Band to Adobe Premiere Pro depending on your level of experience). Making sure you have a quiet place to record will help keep away any unnecessary outside noises too. Your closet is a great space!

3. Prepare Your Podcast Branding

Having a plan to spread the word about your podcast is key to building out listenership and finding more ears to tune into your incredible content. Prior to launching your podcast, ensure you create a branding identity with the colors, fonts, and cover art you would like to use on all your marketing materials. Having a brand kit will help guide your artistic direction, tone, and overall presence.

4. Create a Marketing Plan

People have to know about your podcast to listen to it and while word of mouth is crucial, so is digital marketing! It’s important to post consistently on social media and create a plan for launching your podcast, how often you’ll post, and what promotion looks like – whether you’re doing paid advertising or all organic. We recommend posting each time you release a podcast to notify your listeners and encourage them to subscribe so they don’t miss an episode!

5. Monetization

The reality of making money off your podcast right away is slim. Most of the advertisers you’ve heard on other podcasts look to sponsor shows that bring in 10,000+ listeners over a 30 day period. These things can take time and effort to build up the amount of listens that are required to earn bigger brand deals. That said, the first thing you’ll want to do is build up your community and listenership. The different types of advertising that is offered depends on the platform you host your podcast. If you’re just getting started or have a smaller audience, check out ad marketplaces to start building your portfolio. You can also reach out to local brands in your community and naturally share about them an episode if you know most of your audience is located in one area and see if they would be interested in providing your listeners a discount. The more authentic you can make an ad sound the better because even if you have a small audience it’s more about your engagement with them.

Starting your own podcast can be daunting but it is doable. Start with one step at a time and make sure you’re having fun, because what’s the point if you’re not! Read more from our blog for podcast recommendations and tips for your podcast musings.