FALLing (get it?!) in Love With New & Updated Podcasts Seasons

As we enter the new fall season, jump into these new seasons of podcasts to give you all the cozy vibes.

TODAY (September 22) is the first official day of fall! Don’t you love to see it?! Highlights include feeling that crispness in the air in the morning and bouquets of newly sharpened pencils!

With a change in seasons means new podcast seasons to get excited about and dive into. Did you know the That Sounds Fun Network has 18 different podcasts from a diverse variety of hosts and thought-leaders? So, you’re sure to find one that makes you FALL in love! (Are we hitting the pun too hard?)

Keep reading for new podcast seasons coming your way and the exciting things we’ll get to experience together within the Network!

Human Hope

ICYMI, Carlos, the host of Human Hope, has been off social media for about 7 weeks this summer and is now back with us! Beginning September 1, Carlos has been sharing about his experience off social media, how he’s spent some of his time, and the deep and ridiculous thoughts he’s had that will be insightful and helpful as you navigate a world that demands we share everything about everything.

Subscribe to Human Hope here and follow along as he continues to share about his journey.

Imagine Faith Talk

Imagine Faith Talk wrapped up season 1 and is kicking off season 2, the Good News series, on September 28! 🎉 Ever feel like you’re stumbling and sliding through this faith walk? You’re not alone. Hang with Kevin and Donovan each week as they dig into the deep things of what it means to follow Jesus and not have it all figured out. You don’t want to miss what they have coming for you this fall!


Have you heard of our Faithful Podcast? It’s a collective of poets, songwriters, authors, and storytellers who dive into the ancient stories found in the Bible to learn more and share about their own stories in the process. They bring together the art of song-writing and storytelling to share with you on the podcast.

Join these inspiring women as they wrap up their Coffee Dates series on the pod and kick off the next season on October 5! We’re pumped for you to hear their most recent project.

The Best of You

If you haven’t caught up on the latest episodes of The Best of You, GET. ON. THAT. Psychologist and author, Dr. Alison Cook has been covering very pertinent topics like: loving your body, overcoming limiting beliefs, healing from divorce, attachment styles, church hurt, and much more. On November 24, she’s beginning a new series called, “How do I heal my relationship with God?”

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