Top 4 Things You Need in Your Podcast Studio

If you’re a podcast pro or are just getting started, check out the top 4 recommendations of tools you need for your podcast studio in 2022: for audio engineers, editors, and hosts.

Here at the That Sounds Fun Network, we’re all about having fun while being the most excellent at what we do. As leaders in the podcast field, we’re passionate about helping others succeed with their podcast dreams as well.

First things first, as you dive into the recording process, ensure you’re in a quiet space with the door closed and all noises silenced from your phone or computer.

Keep reading to learn about the top 4 things your podcast studio needs for success as you scale your podcast to the next level.

1. Corded Headphones (Air Pods are soooo yesterday…)

While airpods are popular and a bit easier to maneuver than a pair of headphones with a microphone, it’s important your headphones can plug into your computer. With podcasts being an audio-driven platform, it’s important the sound quality is crystal clear. Invest some time in researching the headphones that work best for you to avoid any poor audio connections.

2. Large LED Clock (You’re grandparents probably have one at their house.)

And not just a large clock. You’ll want to make sure your clock counts up and down and has a real-time display. Why, you ask, do you need a large clock for your podcast? First, a clock provides an easy to see view of the time during remote interviews. It also allows you to pace your topic changes during interviews to land ideal times for ads. Additionally, a clock can be vital for editing purposes as you mark timing for ads and/or edits.

3. Dog Trainer Clicker (We’re not kidding…)

Dog trainer clickers are surprisingly helpful for editing purposes by speeding up the time it takes to edit a podcast. If you are recording a podcast and make a mistake, just click the dog trainer clicker which will create a jump in the audio waves to denote where it should be clipped and edited. Tools like this one can help deliver the best final product by reminding you where every edit needs to be made within the audio file (if you need those useful reminders!).

4. PreSonus ioSTATION 24c 2×2 USB-C (Yes, that’s a lot of letters and numbers!)

This particular piece of equipment is an audio producer/engineer/podcaster’s dream. This audio interface helps speed up the recording process by providing all the tools necessary to record, edit, and produce easily and efficiently. With a touch sensitive, motorized fader and a portable solution for two microphones, your recordings will be seamless and compatible.


We’d love to hear what you find the most helpful tools for your podcasts whether you just started or you’ve been doing it for years! Shoot us a DM or contact us through our website.