6 Best Mental Health and Relational Growth Podcasts for 2023

Today more than ever, we understand the importance of prioritizing our mental health and our well-being because of the way it affects so many aspects of who we are as people. At the That Sounds Fun Network, we have a motto that dictates most of what we do and why we do it. Work Hard, Play Hard, Rest Hard, Pray Hard. Using this as a guide, we’re hopeful that our professional and private lives are improved by living the holistic vision of our mission. If you’re looking for some solid podcast episodes on the importance of mental health with a dash of personal and relational growth, then look no further.

Keep reading to hear our curated list of top 6 transformative podcast episodes/series/podcasts for your mental health and well-being.

1. Human Hope with Carlos Whittaker: Mental Health Series

Carlos Whittaker, host of the Human Hope podcast, started a month-long mental health series in June touching on topics like the importance of therapy, how our bodies carry trauma, and the difference between numbing our pain and truly moving forward.

2. The Best of You with Dr. Alison Cook

Dr. Alison Cook is a licensed therapist who has counseled women for over two decades and on her weekly podcast, she teaches us how to break free from painful patterns, mend our past, and touches on topics like gaslighting, manipulation, and anxiety through a faith lens. 

3. That Sounds Fun with Annie F. Downs: Summer Lovin’ Series

This Summer, That Sounds Fun host Annie F. Downs tackled allll the things when it comes to dating. From breaking up to attachment theory, sex, dating within your decades, and more. This series is great for those who are unmarried and looking to improve their dating life or married and looking to love their single friends or need encouragement in their relationship.

4. Be the Bridge with Lastasha Morrison: BIPOC Mental Health Month: Addressing Mental Health, Racial Trauma, and the Road to Healing with Licensed Professional Counselor Dr. Chinwé Williams

In this episode of the Be the Bridge Podcast, Latasha engages in a powerful discussion with Licensed Professional Counselor Dr. Chinwé Williams surrounding mental health. They talk through the collective trauma the world has endured and the racial trauma the BIPOC community endures. Dr. Chinwé shares about the benefits of somatic therapy, the need to foster emotional resilience in kids, and helpful tips for talkings with kids and teens about racism. Dr. Chinwé concludes the conversation with a word for the BIPOC community. You will be empowered to be a mindful listener and to remain steadfast in the midst of struggles. You will feel validated and encouraged. And you will be reminded that there is always help and hope.

5. Raising Boys & Girls with Sissy Goff and David Thomas

Raising Boys & Girls is hosted by Executive Directors of Daystar Counseling Ministries, licensed professional counselors, and authors of numerous books on parenting through the lens of faith and therapy, Sissy Goff and David Thomas. They interview parents and also chat with each other on worry-free parenting, vulnerability, helping your kids find their purpose, and so much more!

6. Made For This with Jennie Allen: Mental Health + Phone Booths with Gloria Umanah

Jennie Allen and Gloria Umanah, the founder and executive director of The Ex-Nihilo Collective and Visionary of The Hope Booth, sit down to talk about some pretty heavy topics around suicide, suicidal ideation, mental health, and Gloria’s story. It’s worth the listen and brings hope to anyone struggling with depression of any kind. To that end, if you or someone you know is struggling or in crisis, call or text 988 or chat 988lifeline.org for the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline.

It is our hope that these podcast suggestions offer encouragement, hope, and knowledge that we’re not alone in this life AND introduce you to a new podcast to subscribe to as well! So, tune in, take notes, and enjoy an episode or two this Summer!