How to Create a Thriving Workplace Culture

Working at a place with the word “fun” in the title would make one assume that the work culture is exactly that — FUN! And while it’s true – we do have a ton of fun – it took work, sweat, and prayer to get here.

Building a healthy workplace culture starts from the top and trickles down. Our leadership has laid the foundation of the TSF Network with these 8 words: Work hard. Play hard. Rest hard. Pray hard. It’s written on our walls, but it’s also written in the fabric of our DNA. It’s something that we say, but it’s also something we do. 

Keep reading for our top 5 tips to build a healthy and thriving workplace culture.

1. Identify and IMPLEMENT your company’s core values

The foundation of any workplace culture is a shared set of values and goals. Clearly defining your company’s mission, vision, and values helps employees understand what the organization stands for and what they are working towards. This clarity gives your team a sense of purpose and direction, which fosters a positive and productive workplace environment.

That said, workplace culture starts at the top, so when leaders embody their company’s values, they build trust. When employees see their leaders practicing what they preach, it reinforces the mission and values of the organization.

2. Encourage, empower, and entrust

Recognizing, encouraging, and rewarding employee contributions is a key way to reinforce the values and goals of the organization and build trust. When employees feel valued and appreciated, they are more likely to be engaged and motivated, leading to better business outcomes.

At the That Sounds Fun Network, we place people before the product.

3. Create room for FUN, humor, and wholeness

There is no shortage of fun and culture building activities here at TSF Network. We spend the majority of our weeks at work, so taking care of the whole person is extremely important to us and our company as a whole. For that reason, our leadership has implemented fun and prioritized mental health within our culture. For example, we have team lunches each Monday to foster team building and joy. And every quarter, we have a team field trip or activity that builds community outside of the office. Each organization or business has to decide what’s best for their employees and tailor those decisions to them. Building culture within your team means putting the person before the product, and receiving feedback. 

4. Promote professional development and leadership

Providing opportunities for professional development is another way to foster a thriving workplace culture and can include training and development programs, mentorship, and continuing education opportunities. Investing in employees’ growth and development not only benefits the individual but also contributes to the overall success of the organization.

5. Foster communication and collaboration

We advocate for frequent open and honest communication between team members and departments. Actively listening to feedback and ideas, encouraging brainstorming and problem-solving, and facilitating cross-functional collaboration are great places to begin that transparency within your organization.

Creating a healthy workplace culture requires a concerted effort by leadership and all team members involved. A thriving team = a thriving business. 

Got any other thoughts on what makes a work culture flourish? We’d love to hear them! Head to our Instagram and comment there with your ideas!