Unleashing the Full Potential of Newsletters for Podcasters – Part 2

We’re on to Part 2 of the power of a newsletter for podcasters. During Part 1, we covered why newsletters matter and what they bring to your podcast audience and listeners. If you missed it, read it first right here.

Now that we know WHY email marketing matters, let’s chat about how to practically get started. Before the implementation of your newsletter, you’ll want to have an email list built up to send said newsletters to. Check below for a few ideal places for people to be able to subscribe:

  • An opt-in form on your website and in the footer
  • Link in bio on your Instagram; providing some sort of Linktree option
  • Within your podcast show notes
  • Any and everywhere listeners can find you
  • Verbally call out your newsletter within your podcast


Now it’s time to choose an email marketing platform and/or a customer relationship management (CRM) platform. Here’s a few platforms to try out:


Once you choose your platform, you’ll want to choose a template that makes sense for your content while adding your own branding to the mix.

Things to think about before you start sending a newsletter:

  • Send time: Consider your audience and the time they’ll most likely open and be engaged in their email.
  • Cadence: How often is appropriate and doable to send your newsletter? Is it weekly? Bi-weekly? Monthly? Quarterly? Figure out what makes sense and DO IT!
  • Optimize your subject line: This is one of the keys to upping your open rate. What will entice people to open your email?
  • Linking: Provide valuable content to your list with links to where they can find the things you share. It could be as simple as linking your own website or social media platform. Where else can you be found on the internet?
  • Test your email: Things can always go sideways with email formatting, so testing an email is the best way around those issues to check grammar, spelling, punctuation, and working links.



  1. Start collecting emails now: via website, socials, podcast, or lead magnet.
  2. Start a free trial for a CRM to test and explore.
  3. Create a newsletter template with your branding.
  4. Start sending! (figure out the right cadence for YOU!)


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